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Product Use & Care

With proper care, your b3 Smart Flask® it is infinitely reusable, and comes with replaceable parts to handle regular wear and tear. It is our hope that you will never need to buy another flask again.

Follow the simple maintenance routine below and your Smart Flask® will be your beverage buddy for years to come.

Before Initial Use

Hand-wash your flask and cap with hot, soapy water. Rinse the flask as well as the cap and it’s ready for adventure.

The Smart Flask® is designed to be suitable for all types of beverages both hot and cold.

1. When using with hot beverages, please exercise caution to avoid potential burns from hot liquids.

2. When the cap is properly closed, the flask is generally airtight. As such, hot liquid inside the flask will cause internal air pressure to build up. When using with hot beverages, please be sure to hold the flask upright and slightly away from your person when opening the cap (or the flip top) to ensure that the release of the pressurized steam does not cause injury.

3. When using with carbonated beverages, please be mindful that carbonation will build up significant air pressure inside the flask. While our flasks are generally airtight when properly closed and the caps are made to be anti-leak, significant internal air pressure caused by carbonation may cause the liquid inside the flask to be forced out. Please exercise care.

1. Wash your flask with a bottle brush as frequently as possible.

2. Use household white distilled vinegar to help remove any stain or discoloration on the inside of your flask. Put ½ cup of vinegar in your flask, gently swirl the vinegar around to wash any affected areas, and let sit for 5 – 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat if necessary.

3. Use baking soda to clean the inside of your Smart Flask® for tougher stains. Mix 2 – 3 tablespoons of baking soda with an equal amount of warm water to form a scrubbing paste. Dip the bristles of your bottle brush in the paste and work the paste onto affected areas on the inside of your flask. Repeat as necessary.

4. You can wash your caps either by hand with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher. The caps are top-rack dishwasher safe. The cap may last longer if it is hand washed, but if it needs to be deep cleaned, the dishwasher is acceptable.

5. Each cap comes with a silicone O-ring that performs the anti-leak function. Ensure that it is not dislodged from their original position whenever you wash your cap, especially in the dishwasher. When the O-ring is dislodged or out of position, your cap will lose its anti-leak capability.

1. Do not put your Smart Flask® through the dishwasher or soak the exterior in hot water. High external heat can potentially

    • affect the insulation property of the flask
    • cause discoloration of the flask surface
    • damage the NFC chip of your Smart Flask®

2. Do not put your Smart Flask® in the freezer. The double-walled vacuum insulation that keeps the cold (or heat) in will similarly keep them out. The liquid inside will be protected from the freezer and won’t freeze or get cold. In addition, extreme external cold over long periods can potentially

    • affect the insulation property of the flask
    • degrade the integrity of the cap over time

3. Do not put your flask in the microwave, on the stove or expose it to flame or fire. The double-walled vacuum insulation that insulates your beverage will similarly prevent the liquid in the flask from heating up. In addition, exposure to high external heat (via stove, flame or fire) will

    • damage the surface of the flask
    • damage or melt the cap
    • damage or melt the anti-slip base of the flask
    • damage the NFC chip of your Smart Flask®

4. Do not use bleach, alcohol, solvents or other strong cleaning agents to clean our products. These substances will damage the stainless steel as well as the external paint.

5. Avoid dropping your Smart Flask® or exposing the flask to rough or sharp surfaces.



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